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HUIDI is ramping up its operations in the Indian market with an amazing range of LED TV under its brand ‘HUIDI’. In the quest for excellence and to unveil new dimensions. HUIDI has brought a range of LED TV with exciting applications and advanced multimedia features. HUIDI has set up a benchmark leading through innovation to be followed by its competitors.

Every HUIDI LED TV before it reaches the consumers is ensured to satisfy not just their tastes and needs but also their desires.

And it has been this thought of not doing what others do that sets us apart. We slowly but surely, are inching towards becoming the most trusted brand in India in the flurry of other LED TV stalwarts. The success mantra for HUDI is ‘move ahead with innovation’. We know that our future has great possibilities and challenges ahead, that’s why we say; this is just the beginning for us.

We believe that the only constant in the world is ‘change’ and the main challenge is to be able to adapt to the ever-changing and dynamic economic and business environment. In this entire discussion and debate, one thing, which was mentioned, again and again, was the role of quality as a variable for success.

Hence came out with the answer that ‘quality is timeless’ this is the philosophy or motto that we at “HUIDI LED TV” have built our strategy around.

Each product made or service rendered is done keeping in mind the core values of Indian traditions, paying maximum attention to the needs of our customers, and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to experience our products and services. This not only builds our brand value but also helps in building up the confidence of our employees, who are an integral part of our Huidi family.

Inspire the world with our innovative technologies, products, and design that enrich people’s lives and contribute to social prosperity by creating a new future. To reinvent the market trend by bringing in state-of-the-art quality products to consumers. HUDI LED TV is an epitome of precision and impeccable quality. We, at HUIDI, believe that high-quality innovation isn’t a privilege anymore, its an asset, it’s your right!

HUIDI Pvt. Ltd. develops and markets a wide range of LED TV focusing on differentiated and designer products, which suits the customer needs. HUIDI plans to launch new technologies as we are aware and extremely vigilant in terms of staying updated with the latest technology, which excites the market thus providing best in class offers of the times.

HUIDI has the vision to bring rich technological and digital experience into the lives of its consumers by manufacturing innovative products. With the dedicated diligence of our partners and a great workforce, our efforts to convert our vision into reality are on the right path and in no time this will evolve into pragmatic conclusions. We have been rendering quintessential products in the past through the dedicated efforts of our researchers.


Professionally managed by a dynamic team of techno-commercial people who have re-invented distribution channels through the marketing of products in services. All imports and distribution are undertaken in strict accordance with all rules and norms as laid by statutory/government authorities. HUIDI owns a channel of a healthy number of distributors and resellers throughout the length and breadth of India.

Service Network:

HUIDI has its own service network through its more than 212 Service Centre in India.

Quality + Service = HUIDI

The company provides innovative TV, which is elegantly designed yet powerful and vibrant in displaying images with endless business opportunities and entertainment for the end-users. One can get the edge with breakthrough technology and genius innovation crafted for the future. HUIDI LED TV opens doors to a whole new Smart TV experience at an unbelievable value.

Enhanced in a stunning design, HUIDI SMART LED TV will simply blow your mind. A cut above the rest, the range also flaunts vibrant colors and designs connoting a cool style statement. HUIDI is committed to the growth and success of its inclusion and diversity initiatives and continues to explore opportunities that will ensure that the new HUIDI remains a world-class LED TV Company.

Supply Chain Management:

HUIDI, our supply chain management goal is to purchase quality products and services at competitive costs from suppliers who support our corporate value. To accomplish this, HUIDI has established strong relationships with its supplier base and holds suppliers accountable for the performance needed to meet our standards.

HUIDI LED TV redefines life in every way. Loaded with features, looks, quality, technology, services, and more, it is a perfect harmony of style and function.

We believe in :

– Quality
– Focus on customer delight.
– Sustained sales and profitability.
– Enhance work culture & environment.
– Improve the quality of life of the people.
Build a corporate image.
– Optimize resource management.
– Seek technology and trade leadership.
– Powerful and vibrant displaying images.
– Set benchmarking standards for corporate governance.

Get the Best, Get HUIDI